Web Development Blogs

Web Development Blogs - Web Development Blogs

By following these blogs, a person can stay up to date on all the latest insights into web development, design, programming, coding, and other web services.

A List Apart – alistapart.com

A List Apart is a reliable blog to follow with topics on design, process, user experience, careers in development, content strategy and a lot more. They explore design, development, the meaning of web content, and its role in various industries. Best practices and web standards are also heavily covered on A List Apart.

Site Point Blog – sitepoint.com/blog

Site Point Blog - Web Development Blogs

Site Point Blog is based in Australia and posts up to 3 articles each week. The blog stands as one of Australia’s best and most reliable resources for web developers and designers to stay updated on new inactions in JavaScript, CSS, UX, WordPress, PHP, and more. Not only that, but they are also one of the largest communities of professional developers.

Jason Watmore’s Blog – jasonwatmore.com

Jason Watmore’s Blog posts frequent updates on web development based in Sydney, Australia. Jason Watmore’s is a web developer in Sydney, and he has been building websites and applications since 1998. With all his years of experience, you can be sure to learn something from his articles.

Wiliam Blog – wiliam.com.au

Wiliam Blog - Web Development Blogs

The Wiliam blog is a dedicated web development and programming blog in Sydney, Australia. Here you can stay updated on all the latest web design, development, and technology news, especially in the Australian market.


Cats who code is a blog dedicated to developers and programmers and some design elements. The blog aims to make web development easier and add fun features into the mix. They provide high-quality resources for further learning with tutorials and articles.

Keeping track of this fast-growing industry is essential as it frequently changes with new advancements. Contact us if you are looking for further information.